Online Ad Banners
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Things to keep in mind

Online ad banners used to be eye candy merely by their presence when they arrived to sprite up the usual dull, text-only pages of the past. It was, and still is an effective attention catcher, but it is increasinlgy more difficult to cut throught he clutter of the online advertising due to the overwhelming populartity of this kind of advertising. At Padoin, our designers will make sure your banner ad attracts the eyes of your audience and increase traffic to your site.

Due to their relative low production and implementation cost, online ad banners are very popular, and when targeted properly, they are one heck of a bang for the buck. Using banners to draw web surfers to your site is one of the most powerful and most commomly used techniques today on the net.

Software Portfolio

Padoin uses industry strenght tools when designing banners. Our banner software portfolio consists of Adobe Photoshop and Ulead Gif Creator.

We invite you to take a closer look at our client portfolio to see examples of our ad banners.