Padoin Consulting -

Things to keep in mind

The meaning of the word "Graphics" has evolved into an array of visual effects, both digital and in print as well as a measurement of quality of computer monitors and auxilary hardware boards. At Padoin, we use the word with caution and with layout and visual advertising in mind. By graphics, we mean those visual bits and pieces used in a brochure, an advertisment, a banner, a logo or the bacgkrund images of your annual report.

Our primary concern is that graphics are much too often used where it is cluttering the image as a whole or is absent where it could easily make a rather dull gray page sparkle and come to life. The fine balancing act of knowing 'when to hold them and when to fold them' is what we strive for at Padoin.

Our designers will make sure your brochure or ad comes out a real gem ready to capture the eyes of your audience.

Software Portfolio

Padoin uses industry strenght tools when designing graphics. Our design software portfolio consists of Adobe Photoshop, Jasc PaintShop and High-Logic Font Creator.

We invite you to take a closer look at our client showcase to see examples of our graphics.