Web Site Development
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Site Design
Padoin specializes in the production of small to medium-sized web sites (5 to 25 pages), created with the same care and professionalism typically associated with larger projects.  By combining technical excellence with marketing acumen, our sites are purpose-built to maximize impact while maintaining usability. Padoin begins each project by first developing a clear set of project criteria, starting with a firm grasp of the client's goals and target audience. Graphic design, information architecture, navigation, editorial content, and all other elements of good web design follow.

Rather than concentrate on the latest trend in technology, Padoin prefers to focus on the core issue of any project - information delivery.  Through careful site planning, elegant graphic design, well-written copy, and efficient navigation, Padoin sites typify effective visual communication. Padoin takes the time to assess the goals of the client, match them to the expectations of the target audience, and develop an effective web strategy.

Graphic Design refers to the visual organization and placement of elements on a page—printed or web-based. It is such a high-profile aspect of web sites that many people mistakenly associate it as web design. This has given rise to innumerable poorly organized sites sporting unreadable copy, confusing navigation, and massive download times. Padoin approaches design in the context of the site to which it is applied. Issues such as file format, palette choice, download time, and bit-depth are closely tied with a site's ultimate goals, audience, and personality.

We invite you to take a closer look at our client portfolio to see examples from web sites we have designed.