Mission Statement
Padoin Consulting - padoin.com

Where we are headed

We want to be among the industry innovators, always looking beyond the traditional methods and procedures. No thought is too crazy, no idea is not worth looking into. Thinking outside the box is what we do, so when you one day peel a banana and find an advertisement inside, that's us! And from that day on, whenever someone peels a banana, they will think of your product because you hired Padoin to handle your brand new stunt PR campaign.

Our goal is to be able to individually cater to companies and organizations who are in search of a small-shop style Public Relations firm with grass root contacts in numerous countries around the world. It is the exciting aspects of international relations that drive us to excel in our field and we want to seek new ways of communicating your information across channels and media. Thinking "outside the box" is what we do.