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Padoin Consulting -

Underneath is a banner made for the Norwegian Montessori Foundation (NMF). The NMF wanted to draw visitors to their advertising page. The text ask for the visitor's support so that money will pour from above, figuratilvely speaking, of course. The banner is standard size, 468x60 pixels.

Underneath is the acclaimed "Remiscape" banner made entirely in Photoshop 3.0! The banner is manipulated from the very early Netscape still image from 1995. It measures 107 pixels high, almost double the standard size of 60 pixels. The banner was used on one of the early Internet Portals in Norway, "RemiScape".

This version of "Remiscape" is shrunk to fit the standars measurements of 468x60 pixels. Cutting the image size to half on a banner of this complexity, cuts the byte size to more than one-third!