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Why you are here!
You are here because you have been looking for someone who can tailor the "whole package" for your PR campaign, from brochure layout to banner ads, from web design to "stunt" advertising, especially if you are in the US and aiming for the European market.

The Company
Padoin Consulting is a Los Gatos, CA, based company mustering international expertise of web, page and site design as well as Public Relations and Mass Communications as parts of Integrated Strategic Communications.Our staff is fluent in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French and Italian enabling us to conduct business with local representatives at a level virtually impossible without the local knowledge.

What is Integrated Strategic Communication?
Before, there was Advertising... And Public Relations... and Direct Marketing and layout, design, print media, radio and TV......
Integrated Strategic Communications is, simply put, combining all these elements of communications and utilizing the strengths of each element to form a message that can strike in several channels simultanously. Imagine opening the newspaper in the morning and reading about a new product or an event. Then, hearing about it on the radio in the car, in an email at work, by seeing a web banner on a page and then hearing about it in the news at night. Within a day, you and thousands more have been introduced to the product or event and orders will be rolling in that very evening. It is almost impossible not to hear about it. Such a massive, simultanous voice is what we call
Integrated Strategic Communications.

Company History
Padoin Consulting started out as a computer sales and consultant firm based in Oslo, Norway in 1994. Since then, the headquarters have moved to Silicon Valley, California and now cover Graphic Design, Public Relations and International Communications.

The company's CEO, Remi Padoin, has a BS in Communications Management from the College of Communications and Information Technology, Norway, and is currently finishing a Masters Degree of Mass Communications, specializing in Public relations and Internet Design at California State University.


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